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Reno League

Individual Stats Sheets / Team Stats


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  • RENO LEAGUE – 2015/16 Season
Team# Team Name Leadoff Bowler_02 Bowler_03 Anchor
01 RENO ROLLERS Barbara W. Andrew R. Kit P. Ajay R.
02 THOSE DAMN 9’S Steve D. Javier J. Sabrina D. Tracy W.
03 BEER FRAM ENFORCERS Bonnie N. Nancy J. John O. Ehren D.
04 GUTTER FINGERS Jay C. Alex M. Ryan W. Kyle S.
05 WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT Michelle C. Sarah H. Jack S. Jason T.
06 Team 6 Don C. Shannon L. Mandy K. Kris G.
07 MLK PINBUSTERS Sheila S. David W. Ken J. Hastings L.
08 STRIKE FORCE Pam D. Walter H. Vacant 1. Karl C.
09 Team 9 Joe S. Nate J. Vacant 1. Vacant 1.
10 Team 10 Vacant 1. Vacant 1. Vacant 1. Vacant 1.

SOURCE: www.bowlerstats.com/statsheet/businessmen/[FirstName]_[LastNameInitial].pdf

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