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Team Rosters (BM)



Team Rosters

Team No Team Name Leadoff Bowler_02 Bowler_03 Anchor Sub_01 Sub_02
01 MCB Sal B. Tom H. Chris C. Ashton L. Jacob H. N/A
02 Please Help! Aristotle S. Steve Y. John H. Chris R. Gizmo S. Roy B.
03 Delta Bowl Tim P. Steve C. Chris Br. Scott Ho. James S. Dustin T.
04 Golden Hammers Don H. Max H. Bob H. John V. N/A N/A
05 Still No Leland Jim B. Brian E. Michael T. Scott Ha. N/A N/A
06 Team 6 Chris Be. Carl M. Jerry C. Tim N. Bill T. N/A
07 Big O Tires Vaughn K. Mike D. Ralph G. Ron C. Mark M. N/A
08 Team 8 Bill P. Eric L. Tyvon W. Matt S. N/A N/A
09 COMBATBET.COM Joe B. Robert C. Robert H. Gene A. Larry B. Daniel A.
10 Team 10 Kory C. Matt M. Mike M. Roach C. Tom R. N/A
X Dropped Nick S. Brian E. N/A N/A N/A N/A

League Rules: (Team & Roster related)

  • 2. TEAM COMPOSITION & LEGAL LINE-UP: The league will consist of teams with a playing strength of 4 bowlers per team. Minimum number to constitute a legal line-up is 2 bowlers. You must have a legal line-up by the end of the 1st frame by the opposing team or that game and total pins be declared a forfeit by absent bowlers and points are awarded to the opposing team regardless of score. A FORFEIT IS A FORFEIT. Late bowlers will be considered absent after the 3rd frame is completed by anchor person from opposing team. A bowler starting the first frame cannot be replaced except in an emergency to be determined by the board of directors.
  • 14. ABSENT BOWLERS: League will drop an absent bowlers average by 10 pins on the 2nd consecutive absences. Every consecutive week after additional -10 pins. Bowlers are responsible for league fee when absent. If more than one absent bowler per team you must use the absent bowlers average with the most games. Sub will bowl for the bowler with the least amount of games.
  • 15. NEW BOWLERS: No new bowler may be added during the last 2 weeks of either third. In case of an emergency league board of directors will make final decision. A team must be allowed to add a replacement when it’s roster is less than the playing strength of the league.
  • 16. SUBSTITUTES: Team subs are allowed. 2 Rostered subs per team. If sub is dropped they may not be a sub anymore for any team.
  • 20. BOWLERS QUITTING LEAGUE: Bowlers quitting the league should give a two (2) weeks WRITTEN NOTICE to Delta Bowl and should pay for those two weeks whether they bowl or not. If a replacement is found before two weeks expire, unearned pre-paid league fees will be refunded. Bowlers quitting league in “Good Standing” are entitled to their earned point/prize money at end of league.
  • 24. OTHER:
    • G. Bowling against an absent/vacant bowler score(s), your score plus handicap has to beat the absent/vacant score(s) handicap to win your individual point(s). If you tie then you will split the point.
    • H. If both teams have an absent/blind bowler(s), you have to match up those two bowlers against each other. The winner of the team game will win the individual point on their record.

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