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Rules & Details (SML)

Singles Match League – Rule Summary

  • Singles Match League 2013 – Flyer
  • League Night: Tuesday @ 7:00pm (05/21to 08/20)
  • Bowling Center: Delta Bowl (3300 Delta Fair Blvd, Antioch, CA 94509)
  • League Costs: $20.00 (Lineage – $12.00, Sec – $0.50, Prize – $7.50)
  • # of Weeks: 14 Weeks (Sweeper is Week 14)
  • # of Teams: 16 Teams
  • # of Bowlers: 1 bowler per team
  • League Type: Handicap
  • Handicap %: 90% of 210 (58 pins max)
  • Point System: Best 3 of 5 games


Singles Match League 2013 – Rules



1.      The league will be called the Singles Match League. The Singles Match League will be a handicapped singles league, and will bowl on Tuesday Nights at 7:00pm. Practice will start at 6:50pm.
The league will start on Tuesday May 21,2013, and end on August 20, 2013. The league will have 14 weeks. No Holidays.

2.      The Singles Match League will be sanctioned with the U.S.B.C. through the Contra Costa County Bowling Association. Adult membership is $20 55 years old and up $18. All bowlers must fill out sanction application on the first night of bowling whether fees are due or not.

3.       ENTERING AVERAGES   All bowlers will use 12/13 Book average, minus 15% for the first 3 weeks. If no 12/13 bowler will use their highest most recent average with 21 games or more. If still no average than will use last verifiable. Each Bowler will use their entering averages until they have bowled 3 weeks (not games). There is a minimum average of 170 to be eligible for this league (INCLUDING ALL SUBS).

4.      HANDICAP   The handicap will be 90% of 210 with a max of 58 pins per game.

5.      PLAYING RULES:  Bowlers will face each other one on one in a best of 5 match. The matches will be determined by a position round each week (1st place bowls 2nd place, 3rd bowls 4th etc.) with the exception of the first week it will be a blind draw for lanes. Each bowler must either win 3 games or lose 3 games. A game is won by the highest total pins including handicap. There will be about 3 matches per pair depending on bowler count. League will bowl on all 4 Kegel lane Conditions
Abbey Road weeks 1,2 & 3. Autobahn weeks 4,5 6, & 7. Sunset Strip weeks 8,9 & 10. Turnpike weeks 11,12,13 & sweeper.

6.      TEAM ROSTER   Each team will consist of 1 bowler per team.

7.      LEGAL LINE-UP   A legal line-up is 1 bowler, and must be present by the 3rd frame or that game or that bowler will receive a loss. Then the opposing bowler must bowl within 20 pins of their average they are using at that time to receive the point.

8.      STANDINGS   Standing’s will be determined by percentage (%) of wins not by total of wins. (example: bowler 1 wins first 2 matches loses the next 3 his win percentage is 40%, bowler 2 loses the 1st 2 matches and wins the next 3 his percentage would be 60%, bowler 3 wins the 1st 3 matches match is over and his percentage is 100%, bowler 4 loses 1st 3 matches, match is over and his percentage is 0%). Percentages will carry over for the total season.

9.      TIES   If bowlers tie one game there will be a 9th & 10th frame roll-off. (including 10% of handicap per frame).

10.  ABSENTEE SCORE   A bowler who is absent will automatically lose each game they are absent for. So if you will be late still show up. A bowler bowling unopposed must bowl within 20 pins of their own average to get the win, and must bowl until you either win 3, or lose 3.

11.  SUBSTITUTES   Roving substitutes will be permitted.  Subs will not be eligible for awards. A sub does not have to match the average of the bowler that he/she is bowling for. The regular league member will receive the %. (All subs will enter with averages per rule #3). If a bowler is in the center and wants to sub, but wasn’t appointed by an absent bowler he must sub for the lowest absent bowler in the standings and pay a $10 for linage fee which will go into the prize fund.

12.  PRE-BOWL/POST BOWL   There will be no pre-bowls or post bowls allowed due to special lane conditions. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

13.  ABSENT –VS- ABSENT   When the two bowlers that are facing each other are absent they both will receive 3 losses towards their total %.


  • LINAGE/RECORD SERVICE         $12.00
  • SECRETARY                               $    .50
  • PRIZE FUND                                $  7.50
  • TOTAL                                         $20.00

15. SWEEPER   Sweeper will be on the 14th week (Aug. 20th 2013). To be eligible for sweeper you must have been here for 9 weeks and paid for 14. Sweeper night is a blind draw for lane assignments. Everyone will bowl 5 games and will throw out one. Sweeper prize fund will be out of $20 fee minus linage. Sweeper is only for regular bowlers (NO SUBS). (Sweeper Payment is Mandatory)

16. LANE CONDITIONS   The league will use 4 different Kegel patterns, Lane Conditions will be in Alphabetical order. (Abbey Road, Autobahn, Sunset Strip and Turnpike). Sweeper will be a blind draw for lane assignments. View lane patterns at www.kegel.net     

17. PRIZE FUND   The league will have a prize fund committee, and will be elected by the 4th week of league. Will vote for a prize fund on the 4th week.


19. PRE-PAYS   The last two weeks are to be paid in advance. Week 13 & Sweeper must be pre-paid by the 8th week of bowling. July 9, 2013.

20. VACANTS   If there is a vacant in this league, the bowler bowling the vacant must bowl within 20 pins of the average they are using at that time to win the point. If bowler does not win point, point will be awarded to the vacant. Vacant will be inserted into the standings, based on its win % as if they were a bowler. If an absent bowler is bowling the vacant the vacant will go 3-0 and the absent bowler will go 0-3. At end of season vacant will be dropped out of standings. ( example if there are 30 bowlers and vacant is 25th everyone from 26th on will move up one position).

21. If bowler starts 2nd week they are 0-0 for week 1, if they start the 3rd week they will 0-3 for week 2. week 4 they will be 0-6 and so on.

22. If bowler does not finish league they will receive last place prize fund minus what was still owed for full prize fund.

23. All bowlers must be current with league fees to bowl with 1 week grace period, If you bowl and are more than 1 week behind you will go 0-3 regardless of your bowling scores.


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