This website is dedicated to providing an in-depth analysis of your weekly bowling night. Giving the bowler an added experience to league night. It will cover weekly results,  top bowlers, top scores, and achievements throughout the season in league.

With weekly updates, the hope is to ignite and facilitate improvement and competition between the bowlers.

The main goal is to take your regular league sheet to the next level and increase your love for the game.


BOWLERSTATS.COM is a GuyFromAccounting creation.

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Bowling Background:



Inspiration for this website is rooted from my experience with the Fresno State Bowling Team. Under the direction of Coach Chris Preble and the late Glenn Carlson, the use of statistics to analyze our individual performance was used for every tournament. It helped identify our strengths and weaknesses in order maximize our practice efforts.

  • Member of the Fresno State Bowling Team (2002-2005)



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