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Top Performance (BM)

Businessmen’s League – Top Scores of the Week

Week #Bowler High SeriesBowlerHigh Game
Week #Bowler High SeriesBowlerHigh Game
Week 1Vaughn K.738Kacy C.267
Week 2Ron C.811Ron C.284
Week 3Ron C.742Ron C.269
Week 4Ron C.750Gene A.279
Week 5Ron C.791Ron C.289
Week 6Mark M.708Aris S.269
Week 7Ron C.814Chris C.280
Week 8Chris C.758Chris C.280
Week 9Kenny F.805Kenny F.300
Week 10James S.731Don C.279
Week 11Gene A.748Vaughn K.279
Week 12Ashton L.758Ashton L.300
Week 13James S.702James S.289
Week 14Ron C.719James S.267
Week 15David J.775Ron C.268
Week 16Chris R.772Kacy C. & Kenny F.300
Week 17Tom H.773Tim N.289
Week 18Jim B.735John H.268
Week 19Sal B.784Sal B.287
Week 20Gene A.716Gene A.279
Week 21Sal B.763Robert W. & Marc M. & Sal B.279
Week 22Ron C.774David J.289
Week 23James S.747Ashton L.279
Week 24Chris C.760Vaughn K. & Mark M.276
Week 25Chris C.739Ron C.277
Week 26Ron C.764Ron C.278
Week 27Ron C.775Ron C.299
Week 28Ron C.739Tom H.274
Week 29Ron C.708Vaughn K.259
Week 30Ashton L.723Don C.259
Week 31Chris C.760Don C.278
Week 32Mike D.720Jim B.268
Week 33Carl M.778Kenny N. & Ralph G. & Carl M.279
Week 34Vaughn K.754Mike D. & Vaughn K.267

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