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The Businessmen’s League is one of the longest standing leagues at Delta Bowl. Tuesday night features some of the highest averages in the area. With over 75% of the league bowlers holding an average over 190. This league utilizes the Peterson Point System, where every individual match-up contributes to the the overall win/loss of the team.


CURRENT REPORTS: WeeklyReport | BowlersByAverage | TopStats |

  • Weekly Top 10 Bowlers

Weekly League Reports (BM)

SEASON 15/16: (prior seasons)

SOURCE: Delta Bowl’s League Page

Top 100 Games (BM)

Here are the TOP 100 Games from Businessmen League for 2015-2016 season. This list is sortable by bowler’s name, game score, game number, and week. Visit BOWLERSTATS All-Time TOP Games List for historic stats.

GFA Tip: Enter your name in the search box to see how many of your games are in the TOP 100.

#GameBowler NameTeam NameGame#Week#
1300Ashton L.MCBGame_1WK06
1300Ashton L.MCBGame_1WK12
1300Ashton L.MCBGame_2WK12
1300Vaughn K.BIG O TIRESGame_1WK12
1300Jerry C.Team 6Game_2WK03
6290Sal B.MCBGame_2WK01
7288Chris R.PLEASE HELP !Game_1WK10
7288Tom H.MCBGame_1WK07
9287Chris C.MCBGame_2WK06
10280Tom H.MCBGame_2WK10
11279Ashton L.MCBGame_2WK01
11279Ashton L.MCBGame_2WK09
11279Ashton L.MCBGame_3WK08
11279Chris C.MCBGame_1WK02
11279Gene A.COMBATBET.COMGame_3WK03
11279Ron C.BIG O TIRESGame_3WK08
11279Tom H.MCBGame_2WK07
11279Vaughn K.BIG O TIRESGame_1WK06
11279Eric L.Team 8Game_2WK04
20278Ashton L.MCBGame_1WK05
20278Tim N.Team 6Game_2WK06
22277Ashton L.MCBGame_2WK11
22277Chris Be.Team 6Game_1WK06
22277Jim B.STILL NO LELANDGame_1WK02
22277Tim N.Team 6Game_2WK02
26276James S.DELTA BOWLGame_3WK04
26276Tim N.Team 6Game_3WK07
28269Chris Be.Team 6Game_1WK11
28269Chris R.PLEASE HELP !Game_2WK12
28269Chris R.PLEASE HELP !Game_3WK06
28269Tim N.Team 6Game_2WK11
32268Ashton L.MCBGame_2WK06
32268Chris C.MCBGame_2WK02
32268Roach C.Team 10Game_1WK07
32268Ron C.BIG O TIRESGame_3WK03
32268Sal B.MCBGame_2WK10
32268Scott Ho.DELTA BOWLGame_2WK09
32268Tim N.Team 6Game_2WK12
39267Carl M.Team 6Game_1WK11
39267Chris Br.DELTA BOWLGame_1WK08
39267John H.PLEASE HELP !Game_1WK09
39267John H.PLEASE HELP !Game_2WK12
43266James S.DELTA BOWLGame_2WK10
43266Jim B.STILL NO LELANDGame_1WK03
43266John H.PLEASE HELP !Game_2WK10
43266Tim N.Team 6Game_1WK06
43266Jerry C.Team 6Game_1WK08
48265Chris Be.Team 6Game_3WK09
48265Mike M.Team 10Game_2WK08
48265Tim N.Team 6Game_3WK06
51264Ashton L.MCBGame_2WK03
51264Chris C.MCBGame_2WK05
51264Tyvon W.Team 8Game_2WK07
54259Aristotle S.PLEASE HELP !Game_3WK08
54259Ashton L.MCBGame_1WK04
54259Chris C.MCBGame_1WK04
54259Gene A.COMBATBET.COMGame_2WK07
54259Robert H.COMBATBET.COMGame_3WK12
54259Ron C.BIG O TIRESGame_2WK05
54259Tim N.Team 6Game_1WK02
61258Ashton L.MCBGame_1WK02
61258Ashton L.MCBGame_1WK11
61258Chris C.MCBGame_2WK04
61258Chris R.PLEASE HELP !Game_1WK04
61258Chris R.PLEASE HELP !Game_1WK07
61258Chris R.PLEASE HELP !Game_2WK08
61258Jim B.STILL NO LELANDGame_1WK07
61258Ron C.BIG O TIRESGame_1WK03
61258Ron C.BIG O TIRESGame_1WK07
61258Sal B.MCBGame_3WK08
61258Tom H.MCBGame_3WK10
61258Vaughn K.BIG O TIRESGame_2WK06
73257Ashton L.MCBGame_3WK09
73257Chris C.MCBGame_2WK01
73257Chris R.PLEASE HELP !Game_1WK06
73257James S.DELTA BOWLGame_3WK02
73257James S.DELTA BOWLGame_3WK05
73257Mark M.BIG O TIRESGame_2WK07
73257Ron C.BIG O TIRESGame_1WK12
73257Vaughn K.BIG O TIRESGame_1WK10
73257Tim N.Team 6Game_1WK01
82256Ashton L.MCBGame_1WK01
82256Ashton L.MCBGame_3WK01
82256Matt S.Team 8Game_1WK03
82256Mike M.Team 10Game_1WK11
82256Robert H.COMBATBET.COMGame_1WK11
82256Tim P.DELTA BOWLGame_3WK03
82256Vaughn K.BIG O TIRESGame_1WK11
89255Carl M.Team 6Game_2WK03
89255Chris Be.Team 6Game_2WK10
89255Gene A.COMBATBET.COMGame_2WK10
89255Robert H.COMBATBET.COMGame_1WK06
89255Ron C.BIG O TIRESGame_2WK03
89255Ron C.BIG O TIRESGame_2WK08
89255Ron C.BIG O TIRESGame_3WK07
89255Tyvon W.Team 8Game_3WK04
97254Chris C.MCBGame_1WK06
97254Gene A.COMBATBET.COMGame_2WK09
97254James S.DELTA BOWLGame_2WK05
97254Jim B.STILL NO LELANDGame_1WK04

League Standings (BM)



  • PLAYOFF TEAMS: 1st Third Winner, 2nd Third Winner, 3rd Third Winner, Wildcard
  • PLAYOFF SCHEDULE: #1 vs. Wildcard, #2 vs. #4

 THIRD RESULTS (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Thirds):

1st Third Results

Place Team
1st Team #10
2nd MCB
3rd Big O Tires
4th Please Help!
5th Delta Bowl
6th Prestige Worldwide
7th Still No Leland
8th Team #8
9th Golden Hammers
10th Combatbet.com

2nd Third Results

Place Team

3rd Third Results

Place Team








Bowler of the Year (BM)

RANKBowler NameTeam Name*POY* 1*POY* 2*POY* 3*POY* 4*POY* 5TotalBehind
1Ashton L.MCB40233613032121013990
2Ron C.BIG O TIRES33722110015954871-528
3James S.DELTA BOWL2862071109479776-623
4Sal B.MCB313209107.57846753.5-645.5
5Chris C.MCB2831889011170742-657
6Tim N.Team 6318198808954739-660
7Jim B.STILL NO LELAND32322177.57430725.5-673.5
8Tom H.MCB21518611010675692-707
9Chris R.PLEASE HELP !290221756441691-708
10Carl M.Team 62142269040107677-722
11Mike D.BIG O TIRES294248803016668-731
12Robert H.COMBATBET.COM237257951550654-745
13Mike M.Team 101932561051947620-779
14Jerry C.Team 6256197855329620-779
15Vaughn K.BIG O TIRES245169112.57314613.5-785.5
16Chris Be.Team 626018792.53225596.5-802.5
17Chris Br.DELTA BOWL208224752955591-808
18John H.PLEASE HELP !1802001102349562-837
19Ralph G.BIG O TIRES219199951515543-856
20Scott Ha.STILL NO LELAND1981451054928525-874
21Matt S.Team 8237149852723521-878
22Gene A.COMBATBET.COM231151753523515-884
23Matt M.Team 10126223105037491-908
24Scott Ho.DELTA BOWL190179802318490-909
25Eric L.Team 815320095634488-911
26Roach C.Team 10171168751754485-914
27Bob H.GOLDEN HAMMERS11322390045471-928
28Michael T.STILL NO LELAND15020277.5029458.5-940.5
29John V.GOLDEN HAMMERS10023587.5035457.5-941.5
30Steve Y.PLEASE HELP !15417695223450-949
31Aristotle S.PLEASE HELP !13018090119420-979
32Robert C.COMBATBET.COM13115972.5223387.5-1011.5
33Max H.GOLDEN HAMMERS5919195019364-1035
34Tyvon W.Team 813711147.5138316.5-1082.5
35Don H.GOLDEN HAMMERS8514260012299-1100
36Jacob H.MCB67115151683296-1103
37Bill P.Team 8661277507275-1124
38Larry B.COMBATBET.COM11910015148256-1143
39Mark M.BIG O TIRES10774103817246-1153
40Brian E.STILL NO LELAND7710352.516239.5-1159.5
41Tim P.DELTA BOWL771070233219-1180
42Steve C.DELTA BOWL1312377.501214.5-1184.5
43Kory C.Team 1032859001208-1191
44Gizmo S.PLEASE HELP !6268151222179-1220
45Nick S.Team 835493016121-1278
46Joe B.COMBATBET.COM1526000113-1286
47Tom R.Team 1015850013113-1286
48Dustin T.DELTA BOWL453201078-1321
49Chris W.STILL NO LELAND413250042-1357
50Cephus N.Team 81315100038-1361
51Roy B.PLEASE HELP !151300028-1371
52Bill T.Team 611200013-1386
53Daniel A.COMBATBET.COM01000010-1389

Stat Leaders (BM)

Top 10 Stats Leaders in various categories for the Businessmen League (2015-2016 Season). Updated weekly in various categories: top averages, high game, high series, most improved, average differential, top finishes, etc. Click on the image below to access the current TopStats1516 report.


STATS LEADERS: | Current Season | 2014/15 | 2013/14 |

League Rules 2015-2016 (BM)

League Summary:

League: Businessmen

League Type: Handicap

Handicap: 90% of 230

# of Games: 3 games (Peterson point system – 20 points)

1 point for each match, each game (4 x 1 x 4) = 12 points

2 points for team series, each game (2 x 3) = 6 points

2 points for total pins, 3 game team series = 2 points

# of Teams: 10 Teams (4 person)

# of Weeks: 35 weeks ( 3 – thirds with a playoff)

League Fee: $20 per week


Businessmen – League Rules 2015-2016 – PDF Version


1. SANCTION: The Businessmen bowling league will be sanctioned with U.S.B.C through Contra Costa County Bowling Association. U.S.B.C. membership fees are $20.00. Sanction fees are required to be paid the first night of bowling. All bowlers must complete U.S.B.C. sanction application even if no sanction fees are due.

2. TEAM COMPOSITION & LEGAL LINE-UP: The league will consist of teams with a playing strength of 4 bowlers per team. Minimum number to constitute a legal line-up is 2 bowlers. You must have a legal line-up by the end of the 1st frame by the opposing team or that game and total pins be declared a forfeit by absent bowlers and points are awarded to the opposing team regardless of score. A FORFEIT IS A FORFEIT. Late bowlers will be considered absent after the 3rd frame is completed by anchor person from opposing team. A bowler starting the first frame cannot be replaced except in an emergency to be determined by the board of directors.

3. BLINDS: Blind score will be 170.

4. HANDICAP: League will use handicap scoring. Handicap will be determined on an individual. Basis and will be calculated by subtracting bowler average from a scratch score of 230 and then multiplying the difference by 90%. Fractional results will be dropped and not rounded.

5. LEAGUE SCHEDULE: League will bowl a 35 week season with three thirds. Each third will consist of 9 weeks of league play, 1 position round and 1 roll-off. On the 34th week there will be a divisional playoff and mini sweeper. Sweeper will be on 35th week. Practice starts at 6:50pm. League will bowl at 7:00pm. First night of bowling will be Tuesday, September 1, 2015 and league will end sweeper on Tuesday, April 26, 2016



Linage/record service $13.50

Secretary (house) $ .00

Point Money/Prize fund $ 3.50

Individual points $ 1.50

Sweeper $ 1.50 = .65 to go to week 34 sweeper & .85 to go to week 35 sweeper

Total $20.00

(Total of $20.00 per team must be paid each week regardless of number of vacant bowlers)

League envelopes must be turned into the league secretary by the 5th frame of the first game.

Note: TEAM CAPTAIN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR COLLECTING LEAGUE FEES. Only 1 Week Grace period. If the dues are not paid in full the following week bowler will not bowl unless team pays. If the bowler bowls without paying that night, the team will forfeit team points and the individual points from that bowler.

PRIZE FUND COMMITTEE: The prize/sweeper committee will submit one or more prize lists for consideration within 5 weeks of start of season to the President. The prize/sweeper list must take into consideration any rules that have been adopted to govern the eligibility of teams and individuals for prizes. Within 1 week after receipt of recommended lists the President will provide each bowler with a ballot for voting. These ballots must be returned to President the same league night. NO EXCEPTIONS. Results of voting will be published the following league night. (John Hill, Tim Pato, Chris Raymundo)


1st Place-4 awards provided by house $100.00

2nd place $ 60.00

High Series Scratch $ 50.00

High Game Scratch $ 50.00

High Series Handicap $ 50.00

High Game Handicap $ 50.00

9. AWARD ELIGIBILTY: Individuals awards will be handicapped after 21 games. To be eligible for an individual award, a bowler must bowl a minimum of 60 games. In case of a two way tie, league will supply an additional award or money will come from sponsor fund. If more than a two way tie in a game, the tie breaker will be determined by the highest series from the night of bowling and two places will be paid. If more than a two way tie in a series the tie breaker will be determined by the highest game from that night of bowling and two places will be paid. A bowler can not win more than one individual award. If a bowler is eligible for both scratch and handicap awards, the scratch award will have precedence over the handicap award: series will take precedence over game, Most improved will be determined from businessmen entering book average, If none, highest 2014-2015 book average, if none average after 21 games.

10. SPONSORS: Sponsor fees will be $60.00 per team and must be paid by the 4th week. Money collected goes to individual awards, team awards. Any money left goes into sweeper fund.

11. SCORING: Team wins will be determined on Peterson point system. 1 point for each individual match, 2 points for each team game and 2 point for total pins (total 20 points). Left side sets line-up first.

12. POSITION ROUNDS/ROLL-OFFS: On the second to last week of each third (10, 21 and 32 ) there will be a divisional position round. 1st place will bowl 2nd place, 3rd place will bowl 4th place and so on in each division will bowl each other. On the last week of each thirds (11, 22 and 33) then the two 1st place team in each division will roll-off the champions for that third. The other teams will roll-off for the other positions. The two 2nd place teams will bowl each other for 3rd an 4th places, the two 3rd place teams will bowl each other for 5th and 6th place, the two 4th place teams will bowl each other 7th and 8th place, the two 5th place teams will bowl each other for 9th and 10th place and so on. On week 34 roll-off each of the division winner and one wild card team (team with the most points for the year and that have not won a division) will bowl each other (wild card team will bowl the team with the most year to date wins out of the 3 third champions) as well as mini sweeper for entire league. The winner of those matches will bowl each other for the league championship on week 35 (sweeper). If a team has won two thirds, then the other division winner and wild card team will bowl each other. The winner of that match will bowl the other team for the championship on week 35. If a team has won all three then they are declared the league champion and all the second place team and a wild card team will be rolling off for second place the league. (The same format as it was for first place).

13. AVERAGES: Individual entering averages will be based on 2014-2015 Businessmen book average. If none, highest 2014-2015 book average. If none, highest verifiable average of 21 games or more within 2 years. If none, will be determined on the first night of bowling after completion of 3 games. Entering averages will be used for handicap purposes until 9 games have been bowled at which time current average will be used to determine handicap.

14. ABSENT BOWLERS: League will drop an absent bowlers average by 10 pins on the 2nd consecutive absences. Every consecutive week after additional -10 pins. Bowlers are responsible for league fee when absent. If more than one absent bowler per team you must use the absent bowlers average with the most games. Sub will bowl for the bowler with the least amount of games.

15. NEW BOWLERS: No new bowler may be added during the last 2 weeks of either third. In case of an emergency league board of directors will make final decision. A team must be allowed to add a replacement when it’s roster is less than the playing strength of the league.

16. SUBSTITUTES: Team subs are allowed. 2 Rostered subs per team. If sub is dropped they may not be a sub anymore for any team.

17. PRE-BOWL/POST-BOWLS: Team pre-bowls are allowed only if both teams can bowl on the same day due to Peterson point system. Team post bowls are not allowed. No individual pre-bowls or post-bowls are allowed. No pre-bowl allowed for position rounds or sweeper night. For pre-bowls you must let the opposing team know by giving 24 hour notice and a league officer must be present.

18. SWEEPER: Sweeper will be individual and will be handicapped. To be eligible for sweeper, bowler must have bowled 60 games and PAID SWEEPER FUND for 35 weeks. Sweeper will be paid out in one division. A midseason replacement bowler is eligible if they have 30 games as a team member and sweeper fund is paid for 35 weeks. Dropped bowlers forfeit paid sweeper fees.

19. PRE-PAID LEAGUE FEES: The last two weeks (34th & 35th) of league must be prepaid by the 28th week.

20. BOWLERS QUITTING LEAGUE: Bowlers quitting the league should give a two (2) weeks WRITTEN NOTICE to Delta Bowl and should pay for those two weeks whether they bowl or not. If a replacement is found before two weeks expire, unearned pre-paid league fees will be refunded. Bowlers quitting league in “Good Standing” are entitled to their earned point/prize money at end of league.

21. PRACTICE BOWLING: no practice allowed on same lanes that you are scheduled to bowl on that night after lanes have been conditioned. PENALTY—Forfeit 1st team game total and total pins plus the individual(s) point(s).

22. YOUTH BOWLERS: Any bowler under the age of 18, or currently in high school, will be allowed to become a member of this league with approval of the board. NO EXCEPTIONS.

23. PACERS: No pacers are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.

24. OTHER:

A. Any rule not covered above will be covered by U.S.B.C. rule book.

B. Make all checks payable to BUSINESSMEN. Returned checks will be assessed a $20.00 service fee. No checks during last 3 weeks of league.

C. Smoking is only permitted outside. This is a State Law.

D. League bowlers ONLY in bowlers area. Sgt at Arms will enforce this rule.

E. Be ready to bowl when it’s your turn. Meet previous bowler as they come off approach. If you get 3 bowlers behind team captain needs to let league officer know. 1st time warning, 2nd time $5.00 fine, 3rd time $10.00 fine and after that bowler gone for the night. All money due next night of league.

F. At least one team member must be present at annual league meeting to guarantee team spot in the league.

G. Bowling against an absent/vacant bowler score(s), your score plus handicap has to beat the absent/vacant score(s) handicap to win your individual point(s). If you tie then you will split the point.

H. If both teams have an absent/blind bowler(s), you have to match up those two bowlers against each other. The winner of the team game will win the individual point on their record.

I. When bowling a vacant team you will draw another team to oppose against and your team can match up line up.

J. If a team has a vacant it will drop 10 pins every 3 weeks with a max drop of 50 pins.

K. Divisions are based 1st third by odd/even team numbers by blind draw. 2nd and final 3rd based off top 1/2 of teams based off total points from prior thirds.


Businessmen’s League

Player Points – Points gain towards Bowler of the Year

BOWLERS – Stats on ALL the bowlers in the league

Team Rosters – Team rosters for Businessmen’s 2013-2014 season

WEEKLY TOP 5 – The TOP 5 bowlers for the week

TOP 100 – A list of the Top 100 Games during Businessmen’s 2013-2014 season

Most Improved – The standings race to the most improved bowler of the season

Power Standings – How POWERFUL is your score? YOU vs. Everybody

League Reports – Archive of the league sheets and weekly results

Rules & Details – league rules for the Businessmen’s 2013-2014 season

Player Points (BM)

Businessmen – Player Points 2013-2014 Points    

View page »

Team Rankings

CONGRATS TO BIG “O” TIRES!!! 2012/2013 Businessmen League Champions!!! Other: Team Points (BM) – Week 34 BUSINESSMEN – WEEK 34   RPI Rank Team Name RPI 01 BALLZ DEEP 0.6035 02 BIG “O” TIRES 0.5672 03 Team 2 0.5260 04 HELP NEEDED PLEASE! 0.5215 05 T-N-T PRO SHOP 0.5122 06 DELTA BOWL 0.4879 07 DELTA …

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Businessmen’s League – All Bowlers

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Most Improved (BM)

Businessmen’s League – Most Improved Average Each league provides annual recognition for the male and female member who shows the greatest improvement in average in the league during its season. (USBC Rule 54a). This is calculated by the difference between league ending average and the base average. The base average is established by Businessmen entering book average. …

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Team Rosters (BM)

BUSINESSMEN LEAGUE 2015-2016 Team Rosters Team No Team Name Leadoff Bowler_02 Bowler_03 Anchor Sub_01 Sub_02 01 MCB Sal B. Tom H. Chris C. Ashton L. Jacob H. N/A 02 Please Help! Aristotle S. Steve Y. John H. Chris R. Gizmo S. Roy B. 03 Delta Bowl Tim P. Steve C. Chris Br. Scott Ho. James …

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TOP 100 (BM)

Here are the TOP 100 Games from Businessmen League for 2015-2016 season. This list is sortable by bowler’s name, game score, game number, and week. Visit BOWLERSTATS All-Time TOP Games List for historic stats. GFA Tip: Enter your name in the search box to see how many of your games are in the TOP 100.

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Power Standings (BM)

Businessmen’s League – Power Standings Ever wonder how your scores stack up against the field? Imagine bowling head to head against everybody in the league. What would your record be at the end of league night? Would you dominate? These standings will determine who has the POWER. (scores includes handicap)

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Rules & Details (BM)

League: Businessmen League Type: Handicap Handicap: 90% of 230 # of Games: 3 games (Peterson point system – 20pts) # of Teams: 10 Teams (4 person) # of Weeks: 35 weeks ( 3 – thirds with a playoff) League Fee: $20 per week   League Rules 2015-2016 (BM) Businessmen – League Rules 2015-2016 – PDF Version …

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League Reports (BM)

Businessmen’s – League Sheets/Top Scores & Bowlers All stats gathered for this site starts from the weekly league sheet. The data is extracted, analyzed, and presented for your enjoyment. League Sheet – This report is passed out every week at league, also one is posted at the front desk. Once the results are completed, they are posted …

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