Oct 24

Site Ideas / Improvements

Below you will find some of the current ideas and improvements I have gather from my brain, other sites, bowlers, and etc. Please feel free to comment below and add your thoughts. I would love to to hear them and incorporate this into this project.


  • # of 200’s / 600’s / 700’s
  • Define headings of tables
  • 3 week moving average
  • Bowler of the Week/Month/Year
  • Establish criteria/formula for Bowler of Month/Year
  • Top 10 Summary Page
  • Overall league stats
  • Honor Scores page
  • Book Average comparison
  • Most improved Bowler – candidates (Top 10)
  • + / – score based on 200
  • Career high indicator
  • Individual bowler stats sheet

1 comment

  1. chris choate

    i loke he idea of the bowler of the month and the number og 200/600/700…and for ron u better add 800

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